Take Action!

  1. Sign the Letter to the Head of the Waste Division

Dear Mr. Anderson:

We are writing about the Minor Modification Application filed on September 27, 2018, by Waste Services of the Bluegrass, which seeks to delay putting a final cap on the CDD area of the Central Kentucky landfill until 2020 or 2021.

There is huge opposition to the expansion of the Central Kentucky Landfill. It’s probably the most controversial thing to happen in Scott County in the history of the county. But, as opposed as we all are to a bigger landfill, there has been no single issue more important to us than Waste Services’ disposal of hazardous waste in the CDD landfill and the fact that the CDD area has – 3 years after discovery of the waste – still not been capped.

The purpose of this letter is to request that you deem Waste Services’ application a Major Modification. There is nothing minor about keeping toxic waste uncapped in our community until at least 2020. We understand you have the right to call it a Major Modification and allow us to participate if we could be affected. 

This is a very big deal to us Mr. Anderson. We do not understand why our Environmental Protection Department would give them so long to cap it. How can that be in the best interests of the environment? It seems like it is in the best interests of the landfill company.

The credibility of your agency suffers if you don’t allow citizens to participate. You know how often we have expressed our concerns about this.  Waste Services put 22,000 tons of hazardous waste in that area. We are very concerned about this issue.

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2. Sign the Petition

Dear Neighbors,

It is time that we, as a community, begin to advocate for the safe closure of the Central Kentucky Landfill. Since this fight began, we knew that Scott County can never be the place we all want it to be while that landfill is active. Now that we have beaten back their attempt to expand and brought to light their terrible treatment of the residents of this county, it is time we advocate for closure once the landfill is full. The first step in fighting for a landfill-free Scott County is signing this petition below.

WHEREAS, the Central Kentucky Landfill’s attempt to rezone land to expand its landfill has never received a single affirmative vote from any County official;

WHEREAS, Waste Services of the Bluegrass has routinely violated state laws and treated its neighbors with disrespect;

WHEREAS, the landfill currently has a state-approved closure plan that applies when the landfill is full;

THEREFORE, We the undersigned demand the safe and permanent closure of the Central Kentucky Landfill upon reaching its current capacity. We urge all local and state officials to deny any proposed expansion, vertical or horizontal, of any size, in the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of the people of Scott County.

This petition is our declaration that we don’t want Scott County to be Kentucky’s dumping ground. This is not who we are or want to be and every elected official in this county has the duty to stand with the residents and let this landfill close once it reaches its currently permitted capacity.

As for where our garbage will go, we would like to point out two things: first, we’ve contacted other counties that don’t have landfills in Central and Northern Kentucky — many of them are paying _less_ than we are. It is possible to send our waste to a good landfill that plays by the rules and pay a very affordable rate. Second, about 90% of the waste we take is NOT from Scott County, it’s from Lexington. Finding a home for that waste should not be our concern.

The closing of this landfill is the best possible outcome for our county and it should be the only outcome.