Scott county neighbors

Stop the Expansion of the Central Kentucky Landfill



We are a group of neighbors in Scott County near the Central Kentucky Landfill. We have seen traffic conditions continue to deteriorate near our neighborhoods and homes, especially because of all the garbage trucks speeding up the highway that are bringing in lots of garbage from outside our area. We are not the dumping ground for another city or county!

We are at a critical moment where the state just issued a draft permit in favor of an expansion of the Central Kentucky Landfill to add 500 acres and exponentially increase the number of trucks on the road. This expansion to a mega-dump would not only make Highway 25 even more dangerous, but it would also decrease our property values, cause further harm to the air and water quality in our community, and endanger our native plant and animal species.

Waste Services of the Bluegrass, the owner of the Central Kentucky Landfill, has been fined for numerous environmental violations by the state of Kentucky during the past few years and should not be allowed to expand without the consent of those of us living near to it. To make matters worse, the expansion does not meet Georgetown-Scott County planning and zoning laws. A proper review to include a study of the impacts and input from neighbors must be required before this disastrous plan is allowed to move forward.



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The Central Kentucky Landfill is on Double Culvert off of Highway 25, nearby many homes, neighborhoods, a school, and a church.